Dr. Nanette Lavoie-Vaughan, M.S.N., DNP, APRN-C
gave her the ability to relate to issues"
--Jenniferr Griffith, Education Manager, after presentation of long-term care staff on staff
recruitment and retention sponsored by the Tennessee Health Care Association

“She captures the audience and communicates content in a creative and competent
manner. Her passion for nursing and her accomplishments to date illustrate the marvelous
contribution nursing can make to the health of people.”
--Dr. Theris Touhey, R.N., M.S.N., PhD., Professor Florida Atlantic University, Co-author
Essentials of Geriatric Nursing,

“Her extensive knowledge and experience with Geriatric clients, nursing home facility
management and the state survey team was a valuable asset she brought to the program.
She was able to create and share with her colleagues more efficient methods of
documentation and organizational skills. Her extensive experience and knowledge
regarding the medical management of Geriatric clients allowed her to be a capable
--Carol Wells, M.S.N., ARNP-C, Clinical Nurse Educator, North Florida/South Georgia
Health Care System

“I am inviting you to participate in the National Strategy Summit on Improving End of Life
Care. You were selected to participate in this summit because of your interest, expertise
and leadership in the area.”
--Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, M.P.H., Under Secretary of Health

“It is a pleasure to work with a professional who displays such talents, skills and energy. Ms.
Lavoie-Vaughan is an asset to extended care and the nursing profession as a whole.”
-Richard Shilling, RN, ARNP-C, M.S.N., Associate Chief Nurse, West Palm Beach
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

“She has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to serving her residents, families
and nursing home staff. She is talented in the ability to engage nursing staff from the
beginning and thus quickly establishes excellent relationships in all the facilities she works
--Joan Cavonis, RN, ARNP-C, M.S.N., Clinical Services Manager, Evercare North Carolina

Member of implementation team for Joint Commission Accreditation Process for West
Palm Beach VA Extended Care Facility- First facility to receive 100% score on first

Who’s Who In American Nursing, Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions to
Nursing Education from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill